Greenzhi Toothgel 绿芝牙膏 (100g)





The best way to prevent cavities is to practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. This is where Greenzhi Toothgel comes in.

Made from natural ingredients such as Miswak, which has been used since ancient times thanks to its ability to keep your teeth clean and protect it against any plaque or cavities.

Unlike other toothpaste, Greenzhi is made from all natural, organic ingredients that have already been used for centuries, so you know it works.



Benefits Formula

● Prevent dental calculus (tartar)

● Protects against gum diseases

● Relieve sensitive gums

● Controls pH balance in mouth cavity

● Tooth gel in paste form with fragrant mint scent to leave your breath refreshed

● Easy and beautifully packed


Major Ingredients Content
● Nano-Ganoderma

● Miswak Extract

● Neem Extract

● Aloe Barbadensis

● Xylitol

● Chlorophyllin

100g of packet


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