Jia Hor Fibre





Formulated from all natural, plant based dietary fibre, Jia Hor Fibre is suitable for those with colon problems and to absorbnutrients from digested food at a much higher rate.

It also aids in repairing your digestive system, most notably, your intestinal villi which is part of your small intestine that speeds up the rate of absorption. Jia Hor Fibre also helps to keep your body weight in check thus, you’ll be kept healthy.



Benefits Formula

● Blood sugar control

● Weight management

● Keeps skin healthy

● Reduces risk of diverticulitis

● Lowers risk of hemorrhoids

● Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome

● Reduces risk of gallstones & kidney stones


● Combination formula of natural dietary fibres (water soluble & insoluble)

● Absorbs fats and toxins to stabilises blood sugar level, prevent high blood pressure and diabetes problems.


Major Ingredients Content

● Lingzhi

● Maltodextrin

● Dietary Fibre

● Lemon Flavouring

20 Sachets/box


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