VitaKing Hydrolyed Collagen


Content: 15 sachets / box





1. Collagen is known as a form of protein. Since VitaKing Collagen is rich in Hydrolysed Collagen, will its regula consumption ring about excessive burden to the kidneys?
A: No, it won’t. As the protein content of VitaKing is provided in the form of Hydrolysed Collagen, which is efficiently assimilated by the body thus won’t cause any burden to the kidneys.


2. Is VitaKing Collagen suitable for consumption by children below the age of 12?
A: Yes, it is. Nevertheless, the consumption of VitaKing is not essential for children below 12 years old. This is an age group where the body is still able to produce a large amount of collagen. Regular consumption of 1 sachet a day is recommended for children who frequently experience nasal bleeding or tissue damage in the mucous member.


3. Is VitaKing Collagen suitable for breast-feedng mothers or pregnant women?
A: Yes, it’s suitable for consumption by both breast-feeding mothers and pregnant women with 1 sachet a day recommendation.


4. Is it suitable for healthy people and those who do not suffer from pain in the joints? A: Yes it is! Prevention is always better than a cure. From day to day, joints and cellular tissue throughout the body will undergo constant regeneration. Regular consumption of
VitaKing Collagen will thus ensure replenishment of collagen to facilitate repair works in the joints and cellular tissues.


5. How does VitaKing Collagen contribute to enhance skin radiance?
A: Collagen is one of the building blocks of the skin. It’s only by putting it in a place with
sufficient supply of this tissue-building raw materials that the skin can grow healthily. VitaKing also contains Lemon Verbena, helpful in relieving inflammation and soothing any

local inflammatory onset or reducing swelling, apart from imparting the benefits of enhancing skin radiance.


6. Lemon Verbena is known as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Is that only limited to arthritis (inflammation of the joints)? Can it be beneficial in other forms of inflammation such as an inflamed and swollen throat?
A: Yes it is. The anti-inflammatory efficacy of Lemon Verbena is helpful against arthritis as well as against various forms of inflammation affecting other parts of the body.


7. As VitaKing is characterised by a mildly sweet taste, is it suitable for diabetics?
A: Yes it is, VitaKing is suitable for consumption by diabetic patients, since it won’t affect the
blood sugar level in the body.


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